The 科朗杰洛商学院 offers degrees that address the needs of contemporary business environments. 我们培育创业精神, propelling your entrepreneurial visions on a powerful platform with opportunities to help you thrive. 我们的理念是爱的第一, which means that we embrace a student-centric culture with an emphasis on higher purpose, 有意识的资本主义 以及学业上的成功. We remain committed to providing students with a biblically-rooted college education centered on Christian principles, 被称为 壹基金.

仆人领导. 道德. 企业家精神. 这些都是指导我们学生体验的支柱, 挑战你成为一个价值观驱动的商业领袖. GCU的基督教世界观指导我们的教育方法, instilling within graduates the professional ethics necessary to benefit both industry and the global community.

The 科朗杰洛商学院 challenges and inspires students to be servant leaders with the business skills and values to drive organizational success and positively impact society.

The 科朗杰洛商学院 is a Christian business school for servant leaders and innovation based upon ethics, 目的和利益相关者的整合,以帮助社区繁荣和繁荣.




有深度的校园和 在线商学院澳门新葡京app下载, 我们强烈的基督徒身份告诉你所接受的教育, 准备你在商业领域应用信仰整合原则. 从一个 学士学位 在商业信息系统中,to an 在线MBA 重点是体育生意 硕士- mba双学位 option, our business school programs encompass specializations to help students in their field.






提供各种各样的 辅修学位选择, GCU helps you build skillsets relevant for tomorrow’s workforce while learning the principles of servant leadership and entrepreneurism. 探索我们的辅修澳门新葡京app下载.

如果你来到GCU的科朗吉洛商学院, you'll meet amazing servant leaders and find refreshing friendships among people who also want to push themselves professionally.

艾弗里伯纳德, 创业学学士,2023届



科朗杰洛商学院 faculty integrate GCU’s Christian identity and mission into the curriculum through personal experience with their faith as well as connecting lessons in the Bible to content being taught in the classroom. Servant leadership and professional ethics are key concepts that are integrated throughout the student experience to support human flourishing and benefit both industry and the global community. 教导自由市场和有意识的资本主义的原则, the 科朗杰洛商学院 celebrates and promotes purpose and prosperity and elevating humanity, 以及利用商业作为事工.

Students from the 科朗杰洛商学院 can directly benefit from the GCU mission through experiences both in and out of the classroom. 学生学习如何专业操作, morally and ethically to develop personally and professionally and further support the community. 科朗吉洛商学院(科朗杰洛商学院)的指导原则是仆人式领导, 道德与企业家精神. These form the foundation for students to have the opportunity to become well-rounded and purpose-minded leaders whether they are learning in the classroom, applying concepts at an internship or running and participating in club activities on campus. 企业家精神是通过大规模解决社会问题来创造和获取价值. 作为基督徒通过解决问题来服务社会, this provides the foundation for any business to contribute to their community and economy.

The 科朗杰洛商学院 strongly encourages students and faculty to express their faith in the classroom and bridge Christian worldview concepts within the industry being studied. The goal is to promote the integration of faith, living and work to support our communities.

The 科朗杰洛商学院 promotes principles of human flourishing through the lens of servant leadership, 企业家精神和自觉的资本主义. 商业需要被用作一种向善的力量,并产生超越利润的影响. 这是通过向学生传授自由市场的第一手知识来实现的. 通过这种方式,我们整合了所有利益相关者, further support human flourishing and demonstrate our obedience to the greatest commandment — to love God and love our neighbors. 然而, 在利润——或者更好地表述利润之前,这一切都不可能发生, 盈余或充裕——是由商业创造的. 一个被更好地领导和运营的企业可以带来丰厚的利润. 这些钱可以再投资回公司, 员工, 它的社区和任何其他利益相关者——这导致了人类的繁荣.


杰里·科兰杰洛是一位有影响力和爱心的体育企业家. 科朗吉洛为亚利桑那州输送了顶级运动队, with more than 50 years of experience in sports business management and franchise ownership, 以及其他几十个商业组织. 

在他的众多成就中, 科朗吉洛拥有NBA菲尼克斯太阳队, 修建了两个体育设施, won an MLB World Series title with the Arizona Diamondbacks and led USA Basketball to four consecutive gold medals in international competition. Colangelo’s achievements in Arizona, professional sports and the study of leadership are remarkable. 作为一个充满活力的社区领袖和忠诚的基督徒, his activities transcend the world of sports and serve as an inspiration for future generations.



科朗吉洛商学院很自豪地提供科朗吉洛奖学金. 新生可使用, this scholarship recognizes students who have dedicated themselves in service to others through volunteering and entrepreneurship, 同时符合道德和学术标准. 欲了解更多信息及如何申请,请访问我们的 奖学金及助学金 页面.

“杰里·科朗格洛 represents the best of what it means to be a Christian university from a standpoint of conducting business with strong character, 诚信与仆人式领导. 我们想把这些品质灌输给我们的每一位学生. 如果雇主找到科朗吉洛商学院的毕业生, 他们会知道他们会得到什么.”

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